Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bangkok - Koh Phangan

Welcome to Thailand - We arrived to Bangkok during the water festival. Anyone who stepped outside during the water festival was fair game to get drenched in water with super soakers, hoses, or buckets or water. I was too scared (smart) to take my camera to the main part of the festival - should have bought the waterproof camera. I also saw an elephant in the middle of the street.

Haad Rin - After 2 months of city after city travel, Andrew and I were relieved to make it to a beach. Ahhhh

The viewpoint from bottle beach - After a few days at the crowded beach, we moved to the most secluded beach the island. The"road" to this beach (and I use that word loosely) has 2 foot trenches on super steep hills, making it difficult to get to. Instead, tuk-tuk drivers take you to a neighboring beach and from there you get a boat in.

Fresh Desert - On the way up to the viewpoint there was a pineapple field. I brought a few back for desert for the people staying at the bungalow.

Hot Entertainment - At the Half moon party, they had Thailand #1 reggae band, Job 2 Do, and lots of fire spinners. Great party.

The famous full moon party - 20,000 people on the beach. As the sun comes up, there are about 100 passed out people on the sand. Instead of 1 massive sound system like the half moon, every bar on the beach has their own system, so there are 10 different types of music playing.

Diving - Some of the best diving Ive ever done at Sail Rock, near Koh Tau. The coral was incredibly live and vibrant, and we swam into many schools of fish. Also, there is a chimney, or a vertical tunnel, where you enter at 18 meters, and swim up to daylight, and exit at 6 meters. Amazing.

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