Monday, July 20, 2009

nepal 3

Lumbini, birthplace of Buddha

Wh does this guy have a pet goat. Oh, he's going to chop its head off and sacrifice its soul to the gods. Afterwards, the gods will say "cool, thanks for the goat soul, with one swing you have made me happy and prepared your dinner"

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nepal 1

I didn't just fly from Bangkok to Kathmandu, I flew to a new world, and got a glimpse of Mt. Everest on the way. In 3 hours, I was trasformed from a relaxed beach bungalow setting to a crazy dirty city with honking horns, as cars swerved to avoid people goats, cows and motorbikes. Organized crazyness assaulting my eardrums... It reminded me of the Stanford Band.

Leaving the mess of Kathmandu ASAP, we headed to the most beautiful place in the world. Sans the one days we took a boat out on the lake, I spent my week within a 50 meter radius of my guest house. Recipe for a day: Lazyily wake up, and make my way to a lakeside cafe. Order lunch. Realize the sun was going down and I hadn't gotten out of my chair. Order dinner. Repeat x7.

Question: If a bus has 40 seats plus a driver seat, how many people can fit in the bus? 41... wrong. Say another 30 can fit in aisles? 71... wrong. And another 30 on the roof? 101... wrong. Correct answer: There's always room for a few more. Yes, now imagine how much leg room I had for my 14 hours ride back to Kathmandu, and my 25 hour ride to Salyan to work with James' charity

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nepal 2

Volunteering at Salyan - After our 26 hour bus ride, James decided that doing a project this remote was unfeasable. Instead of calling it a lost cause, we spend our time translating proposals for NGOs (charities).

The work ethic is so different in Nepal. If I had the rare opportunity to get my proposal translated into readable English, I would be prepared. But these guys didn't even have their computers turned on. Every day we had to wait about an hour for them to prepare work for us.

This was our view every morning

The (fictional) Nepali saftey commision has not reviewed the seatbelt laws yet. This is a 5 seater jeep. There are 4 people in the front bench, 5 in the back bench, 2 in the truck, and 8 on the roof. Notice the cliff on the right. However, with the amazing views, riding on the roof is awesome. Even, if my parents a bit nervous.

The bugs out here are nuts. I dont know what this is. I have seen 2 inch rolly pollies, 1 inch ants and the biggest spider ever inside James' shoe.